Coronavirus statement - Duerr's

Coronavirus statement

We are continuing to adapt to the unprecedented times in which we are living and Covid-19 is continuing to challenge businesses across the globe. At Duerr’s we are committed to doing our part to help prevent further spread of the virus. At the forefront of this is maintaining the safety and wellbeing of our employees. The company is operating under strict health and safety guidelines for managing Covid-19 and continues to follow the latest advice from the UK Government.

Duerr’s are a food manufacturer and have been able to continue with full production throughout the coronavirus pandemic restrictions. The company is very proud of the efforts taken by everyone within the business to control the virus.

Due to the live nature of our risk assessment if you would like to see the latest assessment or receive further information please contact

For all press enquiries please call RMS on 0161 927 3131 or email

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