Zymurgorium Manchester Marmalade Gin - Duerr's
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Zymurgorium Manchester Marmalade Gin

Zymurgorium Manchester Marmalade Gin Featuring Duerr’s Manchester Marmalade.

A heroic Citrus gin collaboration coming to kick down tonsils and spark some taste buds!

Like a ray of bright morning sun this gin has a true citrus twang that’ll wake the senses.

Zymurgorium firstly macerate their original Manchester vodka with wild juniper and balancing botanicals and then blend in the key ingredient; the finest Manchester Marmalade crafted by the Duerr’s, England’s oldest family owned preserves producer. Who have been making top quality preserves since 1881! With an array of Seville oranges & exotic tangerines, Manchester Marmalade has the perfect mix of classical bittersweet & delicate fine aromas.

This is then traditionally distilled where the vapour is passed over sweet Seville peel to finish the flavour, also leaving it with its light golden orange hue. Aromas of fresh marmalade, with creamy, bittersweet citrus taste…

Available online from Zymurgorium for £25 for 50cL.

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