Family - Duerr's


The Duerrs have been making preserves since 1881, awarding the family a long, rich and proud heritage in the UK. From Fred and Mary Duerr’s homegrown business, the family has expanded the company through a unique blend of traditional techniques and ground-breaking innovation.

The family has been responsible for many useful creations from the invention of periscopes used in World War One, and bringing to market innovative packaging techniques including the Orbit™ easy-open lid, Europe’s first squeezy jam bottles and even the world’s first bake-stable jam (rhubarb and custard flavour of course!).

Between them they’ve collected records in professional cricket, a degree from Cambridge, an O.B.E. and raised hundreds of thousands for charities close to their hearts; all whilst running a company that has become a jewel in the crown of North West industry. That family spirit lives on and now Fred and Mary’s great great great grandsons, Richard and Mark, are at the helm of the Duerr’s dynasty, helping to spread sunshine from the city that sees a little less of it.

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