Family Timeline - Duerr's history

In 1881, Mary Duerr began creating the very first Duerr's jam. Husband Frederick saw an opportunity and 'Duerr's' was born.


Fred builds the first Duerr's factory in Deanhead, Guide bridge.


In 1890, Fred and Mary made the move to Old Trafford and so built a brand new factory in Prestage Street, Old Trafford, Manchester - for the sum of £1,315-16s-4d.


Fred Duerr pioneers the method of vacuum sealing jars. The process was exclusive to Duerr's for many years helping to retain the flavour and colour of the fruit.


The Manchester Evening News visited the Duerr's factory to meet the workers and see the operation - the beginning of a long-standing close relationship.


Edgar Duerr was a keen inventor and during WWI he patented The Lifeguard Periscope was a life-saving instrument approved and sold by the War Office, many of which are now on display in the Imperial War Museums in both London and Manchester.


Throughout the 1920s Duerr's ran a promotion whereby customers could collect and then send in 20 Duerr's labels in return for a picture of 'the fruit group' which originally formed part of their logo. Many Manchester families still keep their copies as collectables.


Clive and Norman Duerr took the helm of the business with a real focus on administration and engineering, steering the company through the hard times of World War II.


Tony Duerr joined the business full time after returning from Cambridge University.


Kwik Save, one of the biggest retailers in Britain at the time, stocked Duerr’s and sent it on the way to becoming the national brand it is today.


Duerr's pioneered the use of Polytubs for their catering customers. No more grazed knuckles opening tins. The Polytubs could be opened in seconds, easily resealed and usefully reused.


Duerr's are the first to invent squeezy plastic, unbreakable bottles in Europe so that children can enjoy jam too.


The late 80’s signalled the arrival of Duerr’s peanut butter with the installation of a £1 million line to produce, smooth, crunchy and chocolate chip peanut butters.


Duerr's are the first company to introduce a tamper evident button cap and shrink sleeving over the neck and cap of all their jars of jams and marmalades.


Duerr's introduce a new production line for 1oz and 1.5oz miniature glass jars.


Chairman Tony Duerr was awarded the O.B.E. for "Services to the Food Industry"


Lord Mayor opens the new Floats Road site in Wythenshawe - Duerr’s is bigger than ever!


In 1997 Duerr’s created their landmark billionth jar of jam!


Duerr’s mincemeat goes into production, livening up mince pies nationwide!


Duerr's start filling individual portions of jam, marmalade and honey to supply to the foodservice and wholesale sectors.


In 2001, Duerr's joined forces with fellow North West brand Vimto and Vimto Jelly was launched!


Duerr's first to bring to market the Orbit lid - designed for easy opening and celebrated on ITV's This Morning!


Duerr's create the world's first 'bakestable' jam, designed to maintain its shine through the baking process and what's more - it was Rhubarb and Custard flavour!


The Winsome boat was registered in 1927 by Edgar Duerr who kept it on Malltraeth Sands on Anglesey - a favourite holiday destination for the family. In 2015, the Duerr family was contacted by Jeremy Hill who'd bought the boat and restored it to it's former glory! The family had fond memories of the boat and now holiday on the good ship Winsome!


2016 saw us receive a major makeover with our new Citrus conserves. The new range and look spreads a little sunshine on your morning toast.

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