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Privacy Policy

Privacy/Data Protection Policy

Data plays an important role in the work we do. We use data to ensure the people we engage with on a day-to-day basis are relevant and want to hear from us.

For that reason we store contact information on the journalists, influencers and suppliers we work with, the clients who employ us, our team members, and the members of the public who actively take part in the competitions and campaigns we host.

But throughout this, we’re committed to making sure that all private, personal data stays secure. What’s more, we will never share information with anyone outside of Duerr’s without that person’s express permission.

The ways we might use personal data

We use it to ensure we provide the best possible service. This includes:

  • Liaising with journalists and influencers to provide them with news we know is relevant and of interest
  • Communicating with members of the public participating in the campaigns we run (including social media competitions)
  • Using social media to target customers – who have given us express permission to do so
  • Holding onto consent forms for people involved in specific projects, or photographed and/or filmed as part of the work we do for our clients

We also use it for business, regulatory and legal purposes, like:

  • Dealing with any requests you make
  • Paying suppliers
  • Caring for our employees – from supporting their development to duty of care to paying them

How long we keep the data

Journalists and influencers: We will securely hold onto your information indefinitely, or until you ask us to remove, to ensure we continue to provide you with relevant news.

Competition entrants and campaign participants: We will hold your details on file while the campaign/competition is live but will remove as soon as it ends – unless we have your express permission to keep it.

Competition winners: We will hold your details on file for a year after the competition closes in case of any query over your prize.

Client newsletters: We will keep your details on file and keep sending you news we think is relevant until you ask us to stop (by pressing unsubscribe).

Consent forms e.g. for photography and filming: As above, we will hold onto these indefinitely. But will be happy to remove on request.

Clients, suppliers and employees: The same applies as to the point above.

Can I delete my data?

Yes, anytime you want. Just email

You can also request to view any personal details we may have stored. We’ll get this to you within a month of you getting in touch via the email above.

Keeping your data safe

Our privacy promise is based around three main principles, and the understanding that everything we do is in keeping with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


We pride ourselves on our transparency. We are always happy to explain what data we’re collecting and why. We will only collect data if we need to for the real and present legitimate interests of our business.


Your trust is important to us. We will never sell your personal details to anyone and only share with clients if you’ve given us express permission.


We are committed to keeping your data safe and secure

Click here for our full Data Protection Policy 

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