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Making Marmalade Fashionable
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Making Marmalade Fashionable

We’re excited to launch our Duerr’s limited edition marmalade-inspired shirt.

We’re on a mission to make marmalade fashionable, so we’ve created an exclusive, edgy and unique shirt, one that Bake-off star, Noel Fielding would be proud of!

The striking, arty and vibrant style has been inspired not only by our own Manchester-based artists, but by the quirky style of Noel Fielding himself. His bake-off style this year has been one that has kept us watching!

As we strive to support artists in our local community and beyond, we’ve created these exclusive, limited-edition shirts to be sold via the silent auction below – all proceeds will be donated to Create Charity.

Our silent auction has now ended. Thank you for your bids, we will be in touch with the lucky winners by the 29th November.

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