Blackcurrant Upside Down Cake Recipe - Duerr's

Blackcurrant Upside Down Cake Recipe

Indulge your afternoon tea with lovely, tangy slice of this bakers’ classic. Eat hot or cold with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream.


For the topping

6 tablespoons Duerr’s raspberry jam
340g blackberries
1 large eating apple, peeled, cored and chopped

For the cake

170g self raising flour
1 level teaspoon baking powder
1 egg
finely grated rind and juice of 1 large lemon
2 tablespoons milk
85g butter
85g caster sugar


1. Butter a 22cm x 5cm loose-bottomed cake tin, line the bottom with greaseproof paper and then butter this paper. Dust with flour and shake out any excess.
2. Warm the jam gently in a saucepan to create a syrup and pour into the prepared cake tin.
3. Neatly place the blackberries and apple on top of the jam.
4. Combine all the cake ingredients into a large bowl and beat until smooth and glossy.
5. Spread the mixture over the fruit being careful not to dislodge the base of blackberries and apples.
6. Bake in a preheated oven at 180°C (360°F) for 40 minutes.
7. After 40 minutes remove to cover with a double piece of greaseproof paper to prevent burning, before returning to the oven for a final 20 minutes.
8. The cake should be firm to the touch but well risen.
9. Allow to cool a little before turning it out of the tin.



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