Duerr’s launch campaign to encourage the bear to ditch the yeast and return to marmalade on National Marmalade Day (15 February 2009).

Marmalade lovers across the globe are being called into action on National Marmalade Day (15 February 2009) to get Paddington Bear to ditch his recent flirtation with yeast and return to his true love of Marmalade sandwiches.

The loveable bear from Darkest Peru has been a part of our childhoods since 1958 famed for his old brush hat, battered suitcase . . . and love of marmalade sandwiches.

Then in 2007, Paddington Bear began a curious flirtation with a love-it or hate-it kind of spread with a large marketing budget behind them and a desire to profit from the publics affection.

No more! National Marmalade Day marks the start of a comprehensive campaign to bring Paddington back to marmalade.

Spearheading the campaign is marmalade maker Richard Duerr, whose family has been producing the orange stuff for five generations (or 126 years). He cries: “It’s only been eighteen months and already the nation is starting to become confused about what this small bear likes to eat.

“National Marmalade Day marks the start of a campaign that will wage a war on the organisations who seek to separate Paddington from his marmalade sandwiches.

“Anyone wanting to be a part of the campaign can join us on www.paddingtonlovesmarmalade.com, facebook or twitter.”

In a direct plea to the bear himself, Duerr adds: “Come back to us Paddington – we know they made you do it.”

The full details of the planned campaign are currently being finalised – but anyone wishing to make a suggestion can do so by emailing paddington@paddingtonlovesmarmalade.com

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