MANCHESTER jam makers Duerr’s has created a marmalade perfume combining Spanish oranges with water from the River Irwell.

The fruity fragrance has been crafted by experts as part of the company’s 125th birthday celebrations.

And bosses at Duerrs hope the new L’eau de Marmalade will be a hit with men and women.

The perfume has used Seville oranges to re-create the fruity essence of Spain’s finest export while not forgetting its Manchester roots with a drop of the River Irwell.

The unisex cologne combines the spicy essence of cinnamon and a hint of citrus to induce the feel good factor reminiscent of eating marmalade.

The company has produced a sample batch and if the trials are successful it could be in the shops by October.

Dr David Holmes from Manchester University comments: “Marmalade is a quintessential British food which has been eaten by us since the 15th Century. It was originally a preserve only enjoyed by royalty and the very rich, but more recently it has become a well known spread at the breakfast table, becoming a comfort food spread thickly on buttered toast.

“The citrus smell of oranges and the bitter taste of marmalade is distinctive and like many food flavours such as vanilla and cinnamon which are used in perfumes the pleasure of tasting and smelling oranges is closely linked which explains why many Duerr’s customers requested the cologne.”

Richard Duerr, Director of Marketing for Duerr’s, comments; ‘We have been creating marmalade for 125 years and have always used the finest oranges from Seville.

“There has always been an association between taste and smell and L’eau de Marmalade incorporates these two senses and the fragrance really captures the smell of Seville.”

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