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Advent Calendars

The first of December, the day you may officially open your advent calendar! Whether a traditional treat of a picture behind little wooden doors, a colourful image of your favourite cartoon character filled with chocolates in the shape of presents or the more exciting present per day surprise. Advent calendars are guaranteed to excite even the biggest Scrooge at Christmas.

Advent calendars began in the early 19th century as a religious countdown to Christmas, originally beginning with a simple ‘tally’ of the amount of days to go. It was also common to light a new candle for every day leading up to the holiday, in a form of remembrance and celebration. The first printed advent calendar is thought to have begun in the early 20th century, often putting Bible verses behind the calendar doors.

Remaining traditional over the years, the calendars are now celebrated as a part of Christmas for everyone, especially children. Normally shaped like a large greeting card or door, more and more innovative ideas are coming to Britain every year, bringing a little bit of Christmas magic to everyone. Counting down to Santa Clause and counting down to the holiday is what makes a Great British Christmas so great.



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