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Back To School

We all remember that sorry time of year, when the glorious six weeks of summer holiday would draw to an end, September would approach and we’d be back to school. There did however always lay a certain excitement in the days leading up to school starting again for the year

Armed with freshly purchased stationary supplies, and more pencil sharpeners than one could ever use in a lifetime, the schoolbag would be packed the night before, ready for what adventures lay in store for a new year at school.

There’d also be the new uniform ritual, all laid out ready to wear the next day, shirts would be ironed, skirts pleated and shoes polished.

The first day back would always be fun, meeting up with old friends and joining new classes. Whatever our ‘back to school’ routine was, I’m sure they’re days we all look back at with fondness.


Image Credit: redspotted


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