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The bagpipes – a true sound of Britain. Along with a kilt and a tartan scarf, it’s difficult to get more Scottish. Whether you think bagpipes sound more like a low groaning howl or a happy nostalgic tune, reminding you of Hogmanays and years gone by, you can’t doubt their power to bring a smile to many a Brit’s face.

The history of the famed musical instrument is continually related to both World Wars, used as a morale booster in many regiments, and also as native folk music to deter enemies. Recently the use of bagpipes has become more uncommon, and now is seen as an eccentric and unusual instrument to play. However, the playing of the bagpipe is a notoriously difficult skill to learn, and a complex instrument to master, yet is still being used continuously, probably because of the warm feeling of nostalgia that spreads through the listener’s brain.

Now a regular fixture at many weddings, traditional holidays and funerals, bagpipes are now looked back upon as a great British idea, and a great British instrument.



Image credit: SteveWagner

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