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British Eccentrics

Eccentricity is often associated with British people – a nation confident and happy to express their quirky natures; from living in the past to being actively passionate and obsessed about a topic/hobby.

Our history of eccentrics varies from Simeon Ellerton, a fitness fanatic that would gather stones and carry them on his head. Eventually he had gathered enough to build a small cottage for himself, however as he was so used to carrying the extra weight around, he spent the rest of his life walking around with a bag of stones on his head.  Then on the other hand there’s Oscar Wilde, famous for his eccentric and unusual behaviour.  He spent his life dressing in flamboyant clothing and during his University days he would walk his pet lobster on a lead.

Eccentric people have been found to visit the doctor 20 times less than most of us, live slightly longer and are generally happier people. However the bad news is only about 1 in every 10,000 people is classed as full time eccentric.

So why not break the rules of society and embrace your inner eccentric? It may do you the world of good in the long run.


Image credit: Steve A Johnson

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