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British food fortnight

British food fortnight sounds like heaven on earth; it’s the celebration of all things British and edible. It was held for the first time in 2002 after the realisation that although there were many food projects, initiatives and events across the country, there was not one main event that would bring the two weeks to the publics attention. Its working too, as the sales of British food during the fortnight increases by over £15 million each year!

The event highlights the benefits of eating healthy, high quality, fresh and local produce – and all the pleasures that come with it too! Since 2002 the event has grown quickly and since become the national celebration of good old British grub. It involves a variety of sectors from businesses, education, retail, catering and volunteering – everyone wants to be involved with the celebrations of our nations amazing culinary delights.

There will be hundreds of activities taking place up and down the country, so get involved! From tastings to food and drink festivals, there will be something for everyone.

So indulge in your guilty pleasure whether it be fish and chips or steak with all the sides. There won’t be a better reason to stuff your face with good food and wash it down with cold drinks this year (all in the name of tradition!).


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