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Sleeping and living in a caravan for a week or two can be classed as a favourite British pastime. The tiny plank like beds, the cramped bathrooms and the basic appliances are just some of the reasons we hate to love caravan holidays.

Caravan holidays have always been a popular and cheap holiday in Britain, whether you own your own one room trailer and are able to travel the country or you hire a luxury 5* caravan in Wales, the novelty of staying in one is all the same.

Caravans can be traced back to travelling Romani people and also showmen who used to spend the majority of their time in horse drawn trailers travelling around the world. The lifestyle of travelling at your own leisure and pace soon caught on and the world’s first leisure trailer was built in 1880. It was made for Dr. Gordon-Stables and built by the Bristol Carriage Company, it was named ‘Wanderer’ by the Doctor himself. Since then the design and variety of travel homes has changed dramatically, the choice is endless, from ‘double-decker’ to ‘teardrop’ trailers.

The UK’s economy has flourished thanks to the everlasting fondness of houses on wheels; in fact the industry is now worth over £1billion. Many childhood memories have been made due to holidaying in Britain and there will be many more in the future.


Image credit: Michal Fabry

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