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Carry on films

British comedy would be nothing without the infamous Carry On film series, running from the late 1950’s until the early 90’s.

The cheeky humour is notoriously British, and the use of puns and sexually referenced jokes is eponymous with the words ‘Carry On’. Phrases made famous in the late 60’s are still referenced today, be it in daily life, or even by modern day comedians celebrating their favourite comedies.

Perhaps the most famous phrase ‘Oh, Matron!’ uses parodies of the life of a nurse and patient in hospital. The films also parody serious films such as Cleopatra, injecting humour and innuendo into the strangest situations.

The films were notorious for being extremely low budget, and the cast were poorly paid, yet became famous for their characters and the risky use of double entendre, causing somewhat of a social revolution among Britons. And today the social revolution lives on, as British as the Queen, national TV stations still screen the films on public holidays and lazy Sundays, cheering the hearts of the young and old alike.

Keep calm and Carry On!



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