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Complaining About The Weather

If there’s one thing us Brits are stereotyped more for than our weather, it’s complaining about it!

How would we begin to talk to strangers, colleagues and mere acquaintances if it wasn’t for the weather. Reliable only in its unreliability, British weather is the subject of millions of conversations every day, because, of course, we’re never happy; we complain about the incessant rain, panic at the sight of snow and even moan when it gets too hot.

While forecasts might be a national obsession (It was Prince Charles’s dream to deliver a weather forecast) our unpredictable climate doesn’t stop us at all. What other country would hold as many outdoor festivals with our climate? What other country would have millions of countrymen lining the streets proudly waving their flags at the jubilee in the midst of a downpour?

Where would we be without our weather and our complaints? We’d be in Australia!

Image credit: Flickr; Dullhunk



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