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Deep Fried Mars Bar

deep-fried Mars Bar is a British delicacy, said to have originated as a novelty item in 1995 at the Haven Chip Bar in Aberdeen.

An ordinary Mars Bar is chilled and then fried in batter to create an indulgent snack. Variations include deep fried Creme Eggs to celebrate Easter and deep fried Snickers for those who prefer a nuttier twist.

The deep fried Mars Bar has also become symbolic of Scotland’s notoriously unhealthy diet and in 2004 the Lancet commissioned a study into the culinary phenomenon. The survey of 300 Scottish fish and chip shops showed that 22% sold deep-fried Mars bars, and while average sales were at 23 bars per week, 10 outlets sold between 50 and a whopping 200 bars per week!

Nigella Lawson has created her own version of the dish, including a recipe for a deep fried Bounty bar in her book and TV series Nigella Bites.

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