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Dr.Martens are seen as the quintessential image of the late 1960’s and 70’s youth revolution. At a time when teenagers were looking to rebel, shock and dress differently Doc Martens provided the staple footwear for this revolutionary generation. For the first time, teens had their own identity and were not the picture perfect, carbon copy of their parents. The 50’s were over!

Whole subcultures sprung from the boots and Skinheads adopted Doc Martens as a wardrobe essential along with their acid wash jeans and Ben Sherman shirts. Scooter riders, punks and new wave musicians followed suit making the boots a highly desirable object. Whole stores sprung up to cope with the immense demand and they diversified into belts, watches and even food!

However, Doc Martens didn’t start life with the rock ‘n’ roll attitude they now possess. In the early 1960’s, the boots were the humble footwear of policemen, postmen and office workers. Proof that footwear can be stylish as well as sensible.

Still encompassing the signature yellow stitching, numerous eyelets and traditional cherry red and deep black colours, Doc Martens are still on the up, with the 2010’s seeing their sales skyrocket in comparison with the last decade.

They are bold and most of all, very British.



Image credit: Skycladd

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