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First British Prime Minister

Robert Walpole, a member of the Whig faction, is largely considered to be the first ever Prime Minister of Great Britain It was on this day in 1735 became the first to live at number 10 Downing Street, contributing to the evolution of our political system.

Walpole’s influence within the cabinet is believed to have lead to the conventions of the Prime Minister and the powers of the Prime Minister, which are still accepted to this day. Walpole created a very significant piece of British History. By moving into number 10 Downing Street, he laid the foundations for many of the British traditions we see today.

The anniversary of Robert Walpole moving into number 10 is a true reason to be proud to be British. It has influenced many of the accepted political ideas, which have taken an important place in the structure of our parliament and an important place in part of a political system, which is admired by most of the world.



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