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Fish and Chips

Fish and chips have long been the nation’s favourite guilty pleasure, with statistics showing that we eat 300 million servings per year!The traditional British dish consists of a piece of battered cod or haddock which is deep-fried and served alongside a large portion of chips.

In the second half of the C19th, fish and chips were a stock meal among the working classes. With the significant rise of trawl fishing in the North Sea and the development of railways and connecting ports that made the transportation of the fish considerably easier, the popularity of the traditional dish increased nationwide.

The first fish and chip shop opened in London in 1860. Since then, fish and chips remains to be a traditional Friday night treat for the British nation. Many eateries even vary their menus on Friday to offer fish and chips to meet the demands of the British public!

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Image Credit: Dr Fizzwizzle

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