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For The Love Of Dogs

Britain loves a dog, it’s a man’s best friend and few other countries can rival our love for a pooch. Not only does Britain host the world’s greatest dog show in Crufts but we also have a Dog Walk of Fame

Even if you have never owned a dog (and some 8million live in the UK) there’s a good chance that if you live in Britain you’ll have an affinity to at least one dog!

Maybe you grew up watching a dog on Blue Peter; one of Petra, Patch, Shep, Goldie, Bonnie, Mabel, Lucy, or Meg (Barney is surely too new!). Perhaps you know the story of Greyfriars Bobby? How about the cute Andrex Labrador puppy? The Dulux Sheepdog? Or Pudsey the cross that stole the nation’s hearts with his bag of tricks to take first prize in a national talent competition? Maybe you just own a nodding dog in the back of your car or a Wallace and Gromit DVD, it might even be the neighbour’s dog, but there’s no avoiding the fact that this is a nation of animal lovers and dogs top the list!

These pampered pets are the faithful companions to millions of Britons; little else would get a nation out of bed early, or out to face our terrible weather and we wouldn’t be the same without them.

Image credit: Flickr; Tobyotter

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