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Formula One

After the French organised the first Grand Prix in 1906, they never imagined it would become so loved. The races lasted only 2 days with the average speed of the winning car being just over 62 mph. Compared to today, with the highest speed of a race car being 220mph it is obvious to see how far the races have come. Formula One cars are deemed to be among the fastest and most powerful cars in the world and seated in them are the best drivers such as our own national treasures Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton. To be a champion you have to be the absolute best of the best, the number one driver in the world.

Over the years it has become one of the most popular sports in the world, with 527 million people tuning in to watch the Championship in 2010. But why? Because of our craving to push technology to the absolute limit? Or, for our need for speed and adrenaline from the comfort of our own homes? Or, for the simple fact it is exciting to watch and provides us hours and months of entertainment? Whatever the reason, it keeps us watching every season and is a definite reason for us to be proud of our world class drivers and proud to be British.


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