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The thought of eating a sheep’s heart, liver and lungs encased in the animals stomach is enough to turn some people green. However the savoury pudding is a traditional Scottish dish that has a distinct nutty flavour to it, which is widely appreciated, if you can get past the initial thought. Haggis is served traditionally with “neeps and tatties” (turnips and potatoes) and a dram (a glass of Scottish whisky).

The Robert Burns’ poem ‘Address to a Haggis’ from 1787 is one of the reasons haggis is now considered a national dish, and eaten as a main meal as part of a Burns Supper in the week of January 25th.

However, haggis is not just eaten. There is also a sport called ‘haggis hurling’, similar to shot putting, however it involves throwing a haggis as far as possible.There is even a Guinness World Record for it which has been held for over 25 years by Alan Pettigrew.

Haggis may not to be everyone’s taste but it is definitely a British delicacy, and is served every where from 5* restaurants to the USA, New Zealand, Australia and Canada.


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