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Going back to its roots, Halloween is an ancient tradition, stemming from a Celtic festival Samhain, when the Celts, who are ancient inhabitants of Great Britain celebrated their New Year. They believed that the souls of those who died descended into the underworld. A night filled with ghosts, demons, and witches roaming the earth.

The tradition of “Trick or Treat” originated in England as “Mischief Night” when children played unpunished pranks.

Old Halloween traditions in England include the placing of turnip lanterns on gateposts in rural areas to protect homes and fight off the spirits. Another tradition was to throw stones, vegetables and nuts into a bonfire to fight off spirits. In the morning, if the pebble had disappeared it was a sign that the person who threw it would not live another year. The English ceased celebrating Halloween with the spread of Martin Luther’s Protestant Reformation, followers of the new religion didn’t believe in Saints, they didn’t see the point of celebrating the Eve of All Saints’ Day.

Times have changed over the evolution of Halloween. People have a lot less traditional approach to this time of year. It is more of a family-orientated time, where kids get treats from neighboring houses, a night filled with fireworks, sparklers and trick or treaters!

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