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National Treasure: Jeremy Paxman

Jeremy Dickson Paxman, (born 11 May 1950) is an English journalist, author and broadcaster.

Feared by politicians, lauded by the Great British public Jeremy Paxman is considered by many to be the BBC’s attack-dog of hard news, and perhaps one of the most fearsome presenters in broadcasting.

As a journalist and broadcaster, Paxman has worked for the BBC since 1977. He is best known for his regular appearance on BBC 2’s Newsnight- a show where he developed his trademark blunt and forthright interviewing style.

Some of his interviews have a place in British folklore and will be remembered for years to come; the infamous repeated questioning of former Tory leader Michael Howard in 1997 (did you threaten to overrule him?) and another, more recently, with the widely dubbed ‘mauling’ of the Treasury minister Chloe Smith, but that’s what we love about him – the relentless grilling of his hapless guests.

In 1996 Paxman received the Richard Dimbleby Award for “outstanding presenter in the factual arena”. It’s always good to see talent rewarded. So, whether it’s from his appearance on Newsnight, his ruthless stewardship on University Challenge or one of his published books- Jeremy Paxman will always remain a revered figure in Britain, a true national treasure.


Image Credit: Flickr; Nick Moise

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