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Locomotion made it’s first journey

Great Britain has always been ahead of the game when it comes to transport. The British railway system is the oldest in the world and the first of its kind; influencing railways seen across the world and the majestic, high spend trains we see today.

On this day (27th September) in 1825, George Stephenson took the next step in transforming the way we travel.

Locomotion No.1 was built in 1825 by Robert Stephenson and Company for the Stockton and Darlington Railway and on this day was the first train to ever run on a passenger carrying line, making Britain the deserving winners of the world locomotion race.

Locomotion No.1 was an innovative invention, which sparked the creation of an influx of steam-fueled trains, eventually leading to the creation of our modern locomotion system.

The preserved locomotive can today be found in Darlington Railway Centre and Museum.

In 1825 the British beat the rest of the world with the creation and running of George Stephenson’s Locomotion No.1, a definite reason to be proud to be British.



Image credit: Capt’ Gorgeous

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