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Madame Tussaudes

There is only one place in the world where you will ever be lucky enough to come across The Queen, Rihanna, Charles Dickens and E.T. all under one roof. Yes, that’s right, Madame Tussauds!

A magical menagerie of waxworks, Madame Tussauds encompasses the past, the present, the good, the bad and the evil all under one roof in a wonderful waxy form.

Tourists from all over the world come to visit the original museum situated in North West London which has been displaying wax works of the famous (and the infamous) for over 200 years. Sheer curiosity continues to drive visitors through the doors and many flock to get photos with a waxy version of their favourite celeb. It gives everyone a chance to get as close to the stars as they probably will in their lifetime, even if the star is made purely out of plastic.

Madame Tussaud developed her world famous collection from humble beginnings, spending 33 years travelling around Europe before settling in London and creating the collection we all know and love today. Ever since then, fascination with the wax works has grown, and expanded worldwide with museums now in the cities of Amsterdam, Berlin, Hollywood, Shanghai and Sydney to name but a few.

However, it is still the original London museum that is known and loved by so many. The slightly bizarre but beautifully brilliant museum continues to sell out every single day making us very proud of this wonderful British attraction.


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