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A simple “please” and “thank you” doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it has given Britain something to be proud of – a longstanding reputation for being a thoroughly polite bunch.

Good manners are something that Brits love to use. For example, it’s always good to see someone cover their nose and mouth when sneezing (much nicer than getting covered in something unpleasant), but hearing “Bless you” afterwards somehow puts a lid on that noisy little sneeze.

Even our very own well mannered James Bond is able to use his gentlemanly charm when foiling a dastardly scheme – and still finds time to kiss the attractive girl in the end –a nice little reward for being polite.

Yes, one could go as far as saying that manners are an important need in Britain.  They are something that Brits are known for and rightly so.


Image credit: Flickr; eamoncurry123

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