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Mods and Rockers

Mods VS Rockers – that’s what the early-mid 1960’s was all about. They were two conflicting British sub-cultures both controlled by music, fashion and the love of petrol bikes – however, with extreme conflicting ideas of what was right.

Mods were all for tailor fitted suits and clean cut outfits, the smooth sounds of soul, jazz and the blues whilst riding pristine scooters. In contrast, were the Rockers with the biker gang image, who wore leather jackets and biking boots, rode heavy motorbikes and listened to rock & roll. With such conflicting morals and taste it’s no wonder the groups didn’t see eye to eye.

Although the media claimed there was violence and brawls between the two, many have disagreed, and the question may be asked: what kind of Mod would want to get his designer suit dirty?!

Although, in the 60’s Mods and Rockers were frowned upon there is no shadow of a doubt that they still influence today’s fashion and music cultures – the leather jacket is a timeless piece of clothing, leather boots and clean cut suits are still worn by everyone and rock music such as Linkin Park is still, if not even more popular today.

So, Mod or Rocker – what would you choose?


Image credit: Phill Sellens

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