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National Treasure: John Lydon

John Lydon, you probably wouldn’t recognise this name. However, if I said Johnny Rotten THE controversial lead singer of rock punk band the Sex Pistols, I guess everyone would know the name!

It seems it’s not only us that see him as a National Treasure, in 2002 he was named in the top 100 Greatest Britons. It must be his punk attitude that draws us all to him, like a moth to a flame. He even turned down a MBE to be knighted for his services to music.

In the past Lydon has outraged, shocked, provoked and caused nationwide uproar in the media with his swearing, outlandish behaviour and general wildness. However, these days he is the face of British butter brand: Country Life. Oh, what a transformation! In the adverts he is seen wearing tweed, not the usual leather and spikes.

Even with this new ‘clean image’ we still love the inner rocker, regardless of what he does and how he acts. To us he is forever a legend, ROCK ON!

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