National treasure: John McAdam - Duerr's

National treasure: John McAdam

Next time you’re stuck in traffic on the motorway, don’t huff and puff, roll your eyes or complain as it could be a lot worse. Instead, thank John McAdam for the smooth hard surface you probably use in some form every day.

McAdam was born on this day over 250 years ago. He was a Scottish engineer and road builder, who perhaps was tired of driving on muddy, uneven dirt tracks and came up with the solution of sticking the rocky road surface together with tarmac (for tar and McAdam).

So next time your stressed and late in a 3 mile long, bumper to bumper jam just think of the great British McAdam, and be proud of our high quality British roads which we often take for granted!




Image credit: Suicine

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