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National treasure: Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne

When you think of a controversial, straight talking, honest and feisty British family, who do you immediately think of? The Osbournes of course!

Known and loved for their rock ‘n’ roll attitude and ‘don’t care’ behaviour, the Osbournes became a household name through their TV programme ‘The Osbournes’. The family were followed by cameras for three years and not surprisingly, it became the most-viewed series ever on MTV! Everyone was gripped by their exciting lives, and obsession with dogs (like everyone British person)!

With their foul language, raw antics and erratic behaviour, it is no surprise we love the Osbournes so much. They live the rock and roll life that most of us just dream of, and for that we salute them.



Image credit: Patricia Oliveira


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