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National treasure: Sue Barker

Sue Barker started her career off as a professional tennis player in 1973, and in 1976, she won the French Open Championship, her only Grand Slam title. There is no footage of her amazing win as the French cameramen went on strike that day; typical! She was at one time ranked third female tennis player in the world.

Since retiring in 1985 due to recurring injuries, Sue is now one of the main faces and leading female sports presenters on the BBC. She has presented for major sports events such as the Winter Olympic Games, Grandstand and also numerous tennis tournaments. Barker is known for her charming personality, witty humour and brashness, making her a favourite amongst all the sports TV presenters.

In 1998 she won a impressive TRIC award for sports presenter of the year and in 2000, she was awarded a MBE for her services to tennis and broadcasting; it’s not just us that recognise her as a national treasure!


Image credit: sukhchander

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