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National Treasure; Victoria Wood

Victoria Wood (born 19 May 1953) is truly a woman of many talents. Perhaps known best for her comedy routines, the comedienne has graced our screens in various guises; actress, singer-songwriter, but also behind the scenes as a screenwriter and director. If that wasn’t enough, Victoria even plays the piano!

It wasn’t ’til the 1980’s that she started to establish her career in comedy after starring in the award-winning series ‘Victoria Wood as seen on TV’, but since then she has become one of Britain’s most loved television talents.

Her sense of humour has also maintained a level of ‘Britishness’ about it, grounded to everyday life, referencing some of Britain’s best known brands and products. Her comedy hinges on her clever observational skills, with her routines taking a sideways swipe at classes, culture and the media.

Aside from her incredible talent, Victoria Wood is loved for representing what were (and, arguably, still are) two very under-represented elements on television; a female and a northern voice. Of all the numerous BAFTAS and awards she’s collected over the years, perhaps the most stark example of how loved she is up and down the country is that she came out top in a poll of people you’d most like to live next door to!

Image credit: Flickr; Steve Joyce / MAG

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