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On this day: HP sauce was founded

Happy Birthday to a British favourite! The original British sauce to team with a bacon or sausage butty, HP is now 109. From the picture of the Houses of Parliament on the label to Her Majesty’s crest on the bottleneck, HP sauce is truly part of Great Britain, being a staple on almost every dining table for almost 110 years.

Invented and developed by Harry Palmer in the early 1900’s, the sauce was named after his own initials, making him famous for over a century. The unique taste has now become almost synonymous with breakfast, famed for being different from all other brown sauce competitors.

Named ‘the UK’s no. 1 brown sauce’, this condiment is a huge part of a trip down to a greasy spoon café, or even a more upmarket brunch. On the tables of many families, old or young, poor or rich, HP truly appeals to all great Britons.



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