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On this day: Remembrance Day

On the 11th hour, of the 11th day, on the 11th month marks the end of World War 1, after more than four years of warfare the guns fell silent in 1918. Since then we recognise the 11th of November as the time of year when we pay our respects to the men and women that died for us and their country in wars.

Also known as Poppy Day, it is traditional to wear an artificial red poppy because in some of the most destroyed countries, where the bloodiest fighting took place, only one thing survived each year – the poppy flower. With each summer, it would blossom bringing with it hope and life to those brave soldiers still fighting.

At 11am today, take a two minute silence to remember the fallen soldiers of our country and also the soldiers still fighting today. Wear your poppy with pride this November as our country wouldn’t be the same today.



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