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On This Day: Waterproof Coat Was Invented

There are a lot of things we all take for granted, however living in Britain we are used to wearing waterproof clothing all year round with our dreadful weather. And it’s fair to say, that it could of only been a British person to invent the waterproof coat.

So we only have Charles MacIntosh to thank for keeping us all dry and warm over the festive period. Born today in 1766, Charles was a chemist that unintentionally stumbled upon the creation while he was trying to find uses for waste products of gaswork. Then he came across painting wool cloth with rubber, genius! Charles had just invented the first waterproof coat completely by accident, named Macs after the inventor, the earliest Macs used to melt in hot weather! Good job we don’t have to worry about that in this country.

So next time you get stuck outside in the pouring rain, just thank Charles MacIntosh for the waterproof coat keeping you dry!



Image credit: Tom Grundy Photo

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