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Princess Diana

Princess Diana goes down in history as the most adored member of the British Royal Family.

 Born 1st July 1961, in Sandringham, Norfolk, youngest daughter of Edward and Frances Spencer, Diana Spencer was a shy and timid child, with interests in music and dancing. She was brought up with close connections to the Royal Family, sharing childhood activities with Prince Edward.

 Diana went on to marry Prince Charles in July 29th 1981 and within the next couple of years give birth to two sons William and Harry.

 Throughout Diana’s life, she was deeply involved in charity work. She had a strong passion for helping the homeless people, children in need, as well as supporting those with HIV and Aids.  She also took part in humanitarian work for the Red Cross. Concealing herself from the media, Diana visited those in need arriving unannounced, she was “the peoples princess” her efforts results in true adoration by all, not only Great Britain, but all over the world.

 Her death on 31st August 1997 caused heartbreak throughout the world. A tragic car crash in Paris resulted in the people of Great Britain to lose not only a princess, but also a true British gem

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