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Santa Claus

Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas, Santa Claus or, for short, just Santa. Whatever you decide to call him, he is the same mysterious man that is made of children’s dreams and wishes! A joyous chap that lives in the North Pole; he works all year round in his workshop with his army of little magical elves to build every good child a toy for Christmas. He then uses his sleigh and flying reindeer’s to deliver them one by one to children all over the world in one night, Christmas Eve.

People say that the modern day Santa is a mixture of the gift-giving St Nicholas, the traditional winter holiday figure Sinterklaas and the British character Father Christmas – creating our now popular Santa Claus, a gift giving, Christmas figure that wears a beautiful red suit!

So this year don’t forget to write your letter to Santa, leave him some cookies and milk (carrots for the reindeer’s too, if you’re feeling generous!) and make sure your fast asleep well before he arrives! Or else you might be on the naughty list next year…



Image credit: City of Marietta, GA

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