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Sir Alex Ferguson

What greater Brit can there be than a Scotsman who has dominated English football for over twenty years?

Sir Alex Ferguson is a national treasure (certainly in one half of this great city of ours) and the most successful British manager of all time. English and Scottish League trophies, FA Cups, League Cups, Super Cups, Champions Leagues, a double, and a treble, all of which earnt the man from Aberdeen a knighthood in 1999.

While he may also be known for his famous half-time hairdryer treatment of under-performing players and his mind games this is a man that has managed one of the world’s biggest clubs for over 25 years, an incredible statistic and a feat that will surely never be equalled.

The Premier League is littered with evidence of his influence, from formations and tactics to current managers and coaches who learnt their trade by playing for him (extra points if you can name them all).

Sir Alex Ferguson has not so much influenced British football as dominated it, and the toughest job on earth will be trying to replace him.

Image credit: Flickr; Andrea Sartorati


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