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Sir Winston Churchill

Possibly one of the most recognised political figures in British history, Sir Winston Churchill is noted as a stand out Great British war time leader. As well as leading us to victory in World War 2, Churchill was also an officer in the army, an artist, historian and a writer. The Nobel Prize winner truly was a man of many talents.

Surprisingly Churchill wasn’t exactly the academic you would all expect him to be. While attending the prestigious Harrow School, the young rogue often found himself in trouble and on the wrong side of his scholars. It was this misfortune that led his father to send him to Sandhurst Military Academy, where a star was well and truly born (although he did fail his entrance exam three times!).

The ‘British Bulldog’ famed for his signature bowler hat, cigar and trench coat is still seen today as a ‘National Hero’ and has stories to back it up. While reporting about the Boer War in South Africa, Churchill escaped a prisoner of war camp where he returned home to a heroes welcome in 1899. Of course that was just the start of his impending fame.

The legacy which he left behind is enormous, and the Great British public still thank him today for his strong and brave leadership which ensured the freedom and safety of our nation.


Image credit: OliBac

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