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Talent Shows

Over the years, our TVs have been taken over by numerous talent shows, where ordinary people become wannabe singers, eccentric actors and passionate dance groups and all battle to be crowned the winner. In fact, it is hard to imagine our jam packed TV schedules without them. The use of talent shows as a spring board into stardom has increased, with the variety of programmes expanding to cookery, singing, dancing and even dating!

With auditions providing hours of humorous entertainment, whether it be the bickering between judges, the audience’s panto like reactions or the contestants out of tune wailing. It all adds to the entertainment factor these programmes provide. However, it’s not just laughter these programmes provoke; we have seen numerous people (Susan Boyle) and animals (Pudsey the dog!) win the nations hearts over the years, making us cry, sing along, clap with enthusiasm, even pick up the phone and vote!

From Britain’s Got Talent to The Voice to Top Model, each with thousands, sometimes even millions of viewers, we as a nation enjoy watching people achieving their dreams and following them in their journey to success, knowing we all had a small part in it.


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