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The Ashes 2005

What more memorable moment could there be than England winning the Ashes in 2005? Perhaps the after-party for those involved! For every Englishman beating those Australians on their home turf was the crowning glory of the year. And what with the boastful Australians, captained by Ricky Ponting, winning almost everything they put their names too, most Brits were willing on Michael Vaughan and co too.

The 2-1 series win, held in Australia no less, was the first time England had won the age-old Ashes battle since the late eighties and the overdue victory was heralded as nothing short of heroic when the English XI returned to The UK as can be seen from our clip above. Thousand lined the streets to celebrate a victory made in England, and won in Australia with Freddie Flintoff embodying the English spirit; a true lionheart.

As with all great victories, this one was closely fought with victory not conferred on England until the last day of the series, making it even sweeter. So here’s to our heroes and one of the best sides ever assembled in English test cricket.





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