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The British Army

Well over 300 years ago when the individual kingdoms of England and Scotland were united, the Great British Army was born. Today, almost 140,000 regular and territorial soldiers swear their allegiance to Queen Elizabeth II and our nation to fight for our safety and freedom all over the world.

The Great British Army has fought in many major world wars throughout their existence, including the Napoleonic Wars, Crimean War and both World Wars. All of which we arose from victorious, certifying us as one of the world’s leading economic and military superpowers.

Being a part of the British Army is a full time profession, with each troop choosing to join fellow soldiers since the end of National Service in 1960. Each individual soldier is fully aware of what is expected of them and knows the potential dangers of their job, yet still continues to defend our great nation in any way they can.

However, it is not just front line troops who risk their lives every day for us. A vast team of support staff such as doctors, nurses, engineers, chefs and logistical staff help day to day life run in some of the world’s most dangerous war zones.

It is the sheer courage and bravery of every single member of Great British Army staff that makes us so proud to support them.



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