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Today in 1741, Handel finished his Messiah

In 1741, George Frideric Handel finished composing a British classic, his Messiah. An ideal composition to symbolise British persistence and creativity, Handel’s Messiah has become part of our musical heritage and should leave even the most despairing Brits feeling very proud to be British.

Handel’s Messiah has become notable as one of the most performed and critically received oratorios (A large musical composition, often including the use of an orchestra, a choir and soloist) in British history.

Handel himself has gained a reputation of being a compositional genius and to this day is classed as being one of the greatest composers of all time and one of the most prominent in British history.

With the release of his Messiah, Handel’s reputation soared, imprinting the reputation we see now into the foundations of British history. The Messiah was completed on this day (14th September) in 1741 and is a prominent moment in the cultural and artistic history of Britain, and launched Handel into the history books. A great day to be proud of Britain and the talent which Britain has produced.


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