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Union Jack

When you think of Britain surely you think of the iconic red, white and blue? The distinctive union jack unites our kingdoms, it’s the spirit of Britain encapsulated!

The origins of the Union Jack stem back to the days of Scotland’s King James VI. In 1903 he inherited the English and Irish throne, uniting the crowns of Scotland, England and Ireland and subsequently the design of the “King Jack”, as it was then called, was created to symbolize this regal union.

The current design features the crosses of the English, Scottish and Irish flags imposed upon one another. The Welsh dragon does not feature as when the current design originated in 1606 Wales was united with England.

Aside from being a symbol we often associate with royalty, the Union Jack design was initially only used at sea on civil and military ships. Looking ahead it became popular with mod’s, rockers and fasionistas alike and most recently conquered the 2012 London Olympics.

Much more than just a flag, the Union Jack is the epitome of Britishness and continues to be celebrated the land over.


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