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Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey, or to use its full name; The Collegiate Church of St. Peter Westminster, has stood proud in London since 960AD and is a historic landmark of Britain. It boasts stunning architecture including stained glass windows, vermillion and gold wall arcades and a carved fan vaulted roof with hanging pendants. Much of the building has stayed the same since it was first erected and this adds to its rich British history.

The Abbey is the burial place of many royals, and influential British people including; Jane Austen, Charles Darwin and Rudyard Kipling.

Steeped in over 1000 years of history, Westminster Abbey has been the host of many royal events including Prince William and Catherine Middleton’s wedding in April last year. It has consistently been Great Britain’s coronation church since William the Conqueror in 1066. This year we celebrated the crowning of our very own Elizabeth II 60 years ago with her Diamond Jubilee. Definitely a reason to be patriotic and proud to be British.

Image Credit: OwenXu

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