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Yorkshire Puddings

Roast dinners are simply incomplete without a good old Yorkshire Pudding. Whether you choose the easy option and go for a frozen pudding to be done in a few minutes, or even make your own from scratch, Yorkshire puds are the perfect accompaniment to a perfect British roast.

Made from a very simple batter mix, the delicious treat was invented in the 18th century in the North of England, fast becoming a staple of the British Sunday lunch. It was primarily used for making use of the fat that was lost when cooking a roast dinner.

Vale of York MP Anne McIntosh, has campaigned for Yorkshire puddings to be given a protected status, “The people of Yorkshire are rightly and fiercely proud of the Yorkshire pudding,” she said “it is something which has been cherished and perfected for centuries in Yorkshire.”

And what would the delicious toad in the hole be without its Yorkshire pudding casing, the main motivator for not picking simple sausages and mash in any pub across the country?

Crunchy or fluffy, mini or extra large, Yorkshire puddings have a place on the plate of every roast dinner in the country.



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