It’s time to celebrate the great British breakfast preserve as Friday 5th March 2004 is National Marmalade Day.

The annual event, founded by F Duerr and Sons Ltd, the UK’s oldest remaining family owned preserves manufacturer, celebrates the 509th anniversary of the arrival of the great British spread to our shores. Marmalade first arrived at the Port of London from Portugal in 1495. The entry into the port log in March of that year is believed to be the first ever written record of the word Marmalade.

Duerr’s have been producing marmalade in Manchester since 1881, and convert 2000 tonnes of Seville oranges – the quintessential ingredient of marmalade – into 20 million jars of marmalade annually, filling 50 jars every 10 seconds.

Britain is a nation of marmalade lovers and no English breakfast should be served without the perfect ending – toast and marmalade. Duerr’s manufacture 12 different varieties of marmalade and their famous “English Traditional” is the UK’s most popular fine cut marmalade.